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R3 Uncovers Falsified Digital Evidence Leading to Death Penalty Sanctions

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, United States District Judge Gregg Costa entered a judgment confirming death penalty sanctions dismissing all claims against R3’s client and awarding it  a complete victory, including entering a default judgment and awarding it fees and costs.  Judge Costa’s order in  Sarco Creek Ranch et al. v. Milton Greeson et al.  was based, in part, on digital  evidence uncovered by R3 that showed the plaintiff presented fabricated evidence to the Court.  R3 uncovered evidence that proved digital filesrepresented  to have been created in 2007 and 2008 could not have been created until much later.  The files were important evidence in the case as the plaintiff attempted to use them to prove a trademark  was used as early as 2007.  However, R3’s expert analysis identified digital artifacts that established the files were created years later.

R3 wishes to congratulate the Victoria, Texas Law Firm of Walker-Keeling, LLP for achieving this fantastic result for its client and thanks Walker-Keeling for its confidence and support in engaging R3 on this matter.

Nick Jones